Equilibrium House

We are a welcoming space designed to develop and work physical skills.

Our begining

“The greatest satisfaction I receive from being a teacher is when my students progress, they come up to you and say” I can do it! “, It is a special moment to see that all that work, enthusiasm and discipline pay off.”

Hi, I’m Ericka

Since I was a child I was captivated by sports, especially Gymnastics and being able to practice it influenced me to become a Physical Education teacher.

After a time of pursuing a career in education, I saw the need for a cozy space because I decided to open Equilibrium House where to provide people with a guide on the importance of physical exercise, having healthy habits and without falling into the stereotypes of beauty to which we are both exposed today and being able to accept and develop our body as it is, in order to be healthy.

What we offer you

Face-to-face classes

In this modality we will attend groups at defined times in our facilities.

Online Classes

In this modality you can take classes from anywhere you like while you have an internet connection through the Zoom application.

Private classes

In this modality you can have individual classes or in pairs, both in person in our space or online through the Zoom application.

Attend your first class today

You can sign up quickly and easily to start your classes today.

Attention hours

Monday-Friday: 10 AM – 8 PM
Saturday-Sunday: 10 AM – 2 PM


(506) 7161-1760


San Jose, Costa Rica
Behind the Animas church.

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